About Us

The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen (KGAC) is located in Berea, officially recognized as the “Art and Craft Capital” of Kentucky. Founded in 1961, it is the oldest organization in Kentucky working to preserve and promote the rich heritage and exciting future of art and craft. The KGAC “Guild Train,” which ran from 1961 through 1967, introduced hundreds of thousands of people across Kentucky to the world of art and fine craft. Though the “Guild Train” no longer runs, the historic project was highlighted in 100 Years of American Craft, published in Niche, and discussed in American Style.

KGAC has undergone a significant and exciting transformation over the past few years that has positioned the organization to continue to be one of Kentucky’s preeminent art organizations. We are a dynamic membership organization comprised of the finest artists, craftsmen, collectors, galleries, interested individuals, and businesses in Kentucky and surrounding states. 

KGAC takes its role as a statewide organization very seriously. We proactively seek ways to knit together the diverse art and craft related resources throughout Kentucky with a common focus on educating artisans, youth, and the general public about art and the value of quality work. KGAC offers a variety of programs including workshops, exhibits, retail fairs, referral services, jury sessions, mentor programs, and consultation with other organizations in the field of visual art and fine craft. As the organization continues to evolve, these programs will continue to transform to meet the needs of the membership and the public.


“To establish art and craft as a vital influence by promoting excellence through education, collaboration, leadership, and service.” 




116 North Broadway
Berea, KY 40403