November Artists of the Month!

Since October was so busy with the annual Fall Fair, we decided to pick two artists of the month for November!  The first artist is non other than Steve Heatsill!

 Steve's work from a distance, often mistaken for stained glass, my work combines steel and handmade ceramic tiles, resulting in an art form that pairs uniquely contrasting textures and color.

Patterns inspired by nature, ancient cultures and life are divided into ceramic and metal areas. Once fired, ceramic tiles are fitted to the metal with a plasma cutter. The metal is coated with polyurethane and mounted to backer board to shadowbox the tiles.
I started working with clay with friends in a studio in Florida, which has become Stonehaus Studios. I have a background in metal fabrication and machining and have worked in machine shops and the auto industry for many years. I have taken many classes, seminars and workshops, and I continue to be influenced by the many fine potters and craftsmen, with whom I am so privileged to work.

My work can be found at the best art fairs in Kentucky; in the gallery at Kentucky Mudworks, Lexington; at Completely Kentucky, Frankfort; and on my ETSY shop "LookWhatSteveMade."

The second artist is Pat Banks!

Pat was born in Mansfield Ohio in February 1955.  She was raised in Evansville Indiana and went “home” to eastern Kentucky, where the rest of the extended family was, every chance she got.  She now lives and works in the studio/home that she and her husband, Alan, built in northern Madison County.  Alan is the Director for the Center for Appalachian Studies at EKU and a sociologist.  They have two wonderful, grown sons, raise a vegetable/flower garden, keep about ten cats (outside) and have a gorgeous lab named Cinnamon.  Pat has been painting all of her life. Her travels, gardens and adventures influence and inspire her work.  She is also the Kentucky Riverkeeper.

Pat works primarily in watercolor and acrylics.  Painting is the lens she uses to explore and interpret the world, especially eastern Kentucky, her home.  The beauty of the hills, valleys and rivers inspires the expression of an artist and the concern of an environmentalist.  Taking the time to walk paths in the woods and fields, float down the eternal streams and rivers and study the “wild things” brings an appreciation of the preciousness and fragility of this wondrous place.

Pat’s watercolor techniques have developed over time.  She starts most paintings with a lot of water, then slowly builds the color and value with transparent layers of controlled washes.  She finishes with fine brush work.  Her Acrylic work and wall murals are a combination of delicate brushwork and a spontaneous style.  Her wall murals started in Southern Ontario Canada and are now through out the Appalachian region.  Dozens of the wall murals were created with students and sponsored in part by the Kentucky Arts Council.

Pat’s work is featured in various publications and shown in juried fairs, shows, events and galleries through out the region.   She has been a visiting artist to Japan, Ecuador and France.  With the Kentucky Arts Council, she is a veteran member of the Arts Education Roster, a KPAN Peer Advisor and a juried participant of the Kentucky Crafted program.  She is also a member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.